Personal Training

Outlaw believes that every client that comes in our door has a purpose and a reason; it is our job to turn that purpose and reason into results.  We are a hybrid gym that uses traditional strength and conditioning training combined with practical and recovery training.  We will coach you on how to take your workout levels to places you never thought possible.  You will train not only your body, but also your mind, for everyday life challenges.


Outlaw Training Phase 1
25-35 Minutes

Phase 1 is for anyone who wants to focus on starting their fitness journey or who is looking to revamp his or her fitness routines.  We focus on helping you learn your strengths and weaknesses, to build a program that will allow you to improve overall.

4 Pak = $170

8 Pak = $300

12 Pak = $400


Kids “Junior Outlaw” Training
Ages 7-11 / 25-35 Minutes

Training at Outlaw Training and Fitness will ensure that your child improves their strength, endurance and overall athleticism, every time they step foot in our door.  We emphasize fundamentals, proper technique, and instill a strong work ethic as well as self-confidence into every one of our junior Outlaws. 

4 Pak = $170 

8 Pak  = $300

Outlaw Training Phase 2
45-55 Minutes

Take your workout to the next level with Phase 2. More in-depth and more time, putting an extra emphasis on warm up and recovery, which allows you to focus on maximizing your full potential. 

4 Pak = $250  

8 Pak = $460

12 Pak  = $620


Pre and Postnatal Training
30-40 Minutes

Learn safe and effective workouts to guide you through each trimester of your pregnancy. Keep your body healthy to help with smoother delivery and recovery postpartum.  Minimize pregnancy complications and reduce stress and anxiety. After the baby arrives, learn how to restart exercise to get you back in shape and feeling great. 

4 Pak = $180

8 Pak = $340

12 Pak = $480

Outlaw Small Group Training
3-6 People / 35-45 Minutes

Training offered in a small group (3-6) setting for those looking for a one on one feel while working out with friends, family or coworkers.  A group setting allows you to motivate each other in a team setting all while getting the results. All package price split between number in group.

4 Pak = $360

8 Pak = $700

12 Pak = $1,020