Drop-In $12 a class  /  10pak $100
Unlimited Monthly $120


Total body and mind workout, combining an array of new and exciting exercises and equipment. Focusing on functional fitness, combined with resistance training, body weight training, strength training and cardio. No two classes are the same.


Are you short on time? This 30-minute class is designed to get you in and out and on your way- combining movement training, strength training, and body weight training, with a major emphasis on cardio. What can you do in 30 minutes?


This is where it all began! Your chance to train like the Outlaws. Outlaw Fit is like no other class you will ever take, challenging you to reach limits never thought possible. A 50-60 minute, high intensity, total mind and body workout, combining every avenue of strength training with the twist of conditioning training.


The emphasis of this class is strengthening your core, the most important part of you body.  Health and strength starts with the core. We will help you build a more stable foundation which will improve fitness, straighten posture and provide a foundation for an active daily life. This class combines movement training, body weight training and core movements.


A circuit training style class focusing on fundamentals, core, agility, speed, strength and improving overall athleticism all, while having a ton of FUN! For all fitness levels ages 8 to 11.